Thursday, November 12, 2009

Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms Expansion

Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms Expansion
PC | 4.32Gb | ENG

This great new expansion offers a significant amount of new content for veteran Medieval II players.

The Good:
* Huge expansion with four campaigns, each of which feels like a whole new game 
* Impressive production values make each campaign feel unique.

The Bad:
* Hard-drive hog if you've got limited disk space 
* Tedious installation process.

Conquering Europe is never an easy task, in real life and in Medieval II: Total War. It's a big place, after all, and there's no shortage of foes, as you might have learned in Sega and Creative Assembly's epic strategy game. Enter Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms, an expansion pack that offers up whole new areas of the world for would-be emperors to conquer. There's a lot of content in here for veteran Total War fans to chew through, though newcomers should probably familiarize themselves with Medieval II before diving into this packed expansion.



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