Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Master and Learn Guitar - Revealed: Introduction To 4 Kinds of Guitar Harmonics

 Let’s take a look at 4 basic kinds of harmonics that will help you to master and learn guitar. 

1. Open string harmonics 
2. Pick harmonics 
3. Tap harmonics 
4. Thumb pick harmonics 

1. Open string harmonics: By far the easiest kind of guitar harmonics that you can learn how to play are what are called open string harmonics. Open string harmonics are when you lightly place your finger over your guitar strings. You can play all of your guitar strings at once, or, you can play individual open string harmonics. The best open string harmonics are found on the 12th fret, seventh fret, and the fifth fret. There are other open strings harmonics all throughout the guitar, however, these three fret areas are by far the easiest to find and play on your guitar. 

2. Pinch harmonics: Pinch harmonics are individually pinched notes on the guitar. You can choose either your open strings, or any note found throughout the guitar fretboard. With your right hand holding the guitar pick, you will take the tip of the guitar pick and pinch your guitar strings. This pinching action will produce a harmonic. For starters, practice your pinch harmonics on Strings 6, 5, and 4. 

3. Tap harmonics: Tap harmonics are the hardest of all harmonic guitar styles to play. Played correctly and you will have a very sonically rich sounding guitar. The great thing with tap harmonics is that you can play individual notes or full fingered chords. With your left hand place your fingers on the note or chord that you want to play. With your right hand first finger you will be tapping individual notes or striking the guitar fretboard with all of your first finger like a long flat stretched out hammer. With your first finger you will be tapping an octave higher from where your left hand finger placement is located. For example, if the note you are playing is on the six string, third fret, you’re right first finger will strike the 15th fret, sixth string. 

4. Thumb pick harmonics: Another single note harmonic style that you can utilize is a combination of your right thumb and first finger. Choose your single note or chord with your left hand. Next, place your right finger an octave higher lightly on top of the string, above the fret board. Use your right thumb as a pick. Pluck the note keeping your right hand fingering position. Thumb pick harmonics are an expansion of open string harmonic technique. 

by: Jeremiah La Follette

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